Create a QRick QRcode to:

To see if your package has arrived

Stick a QR code on your letters or parcels.

At the reception, your correspondent will flash it. Automatically, a confirmation email will be forwarded.

He will also have the opportunity to comment and/or take a photo.

You will have, instantly, an information on the receipt of your letter or package

Tag your favorite things in case of loss

With QR codes stuck on your most precious objects (keys, papers, smartphones, umbrellas ....), You increase your chances that a person restores you.

Know that over 80% of people who find an object seek its owner. Facilitate their task, use QRick QRcode.

Create fun games

Create QR codes and hide them in the 4 corners of your garden or home.

Once your child finds one, he must flash it and answer to a question.

This game can also be done at a larger scale: public garden, neighborhood, town ... and is not just for children!

Identify and locate your pet

Rather than choosing a necklace with a locket that includes your address or phone number, choose a medallion with a QRcode.

In case of loss or fugue of your companion, it will be possible to reach you.

This is a useful addition to the tattoo or microchip.

To attach to the collar of your dog or cat. Price of medallion (about 1 €/piece)

Check that the child's return

At the entrance to your home, paste a QRcode. When your children return to sports or school, they will use their smartphone and will flash the QRcode. Instantly, you will receive an email indicating their presence (date + geolocation). Reassuring, isn't it? And so simple to implement.

Travel safely

82,000 baggage shall be held daily at airports in the world, slightly more than 1 mislaid bag every second!

Each year is 245 thousand objects that are lost in stations and on trains!

When you travel, mark your luggage and other objects with a QRcode. Regardless of where your belongings have been lost, you can find them.

It's your turn!

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